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Solar Energy

Our Solar SCADA Access online portal enables you to access the solar’s individual power plants and modules. All soalr energy plant data are transferred to the server via encrypted access. So your data can be retrieved from anywhere in the world, based on cycles of just a few seconds. The automatic update service makes sure that your solar power plants always run on the latest software.

The software for in-depth analysis of SCADA data to maximize turbine availability and performance, and reduce palnt fault with an objective of better asset management decisions in near or real time.

Solar inverter contains a number of intelligent hardware modules, which communucate with each other via communication buses. Each and every kind of inverter has its own parameters and protocols whcich can be accessed from outside the inverters via RS232/ RS485 /RS422 interface. The parameters include various production and operation parameters, status paramaeters, inverter identification parameters and etc.,

We used some open source modules (Raspberri Pi) to communucate and get parameters from the inverter and manipulate the data which are send to the cloud via GPRS conectivity. Alarm facility is also implemented in the SCADA Module.

  1. Legacy Data Management Systems,
  2. Alarm Management,
  3. SCADA monitoring and Reporting Systems,
  4. Plant Performance Monitoring Systems,
  5. Inventory Management Systems,
  6. ERP Integration with SCADA,
  7. RFID Tracking Systems.

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We used embedded computers either the Linux or Windows Embedded operating system, providing programmers with a user-friendly environment for application development, and reducing the effort required for system integration. More

The differences between the RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 serial interfaces can cause compatibility issues for industrial communication systems. We used the converters that are equipped with intelligent features; More

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